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5 Tips To Increase Productivity

5 Tips To Increase Productivity

We all strive to be the best at what we do. Unfortunately, some complications hinder us from achieving so. Luckily, I have compiled a list of things to do, so that you can be more productive at work or any situation. They are actions that famous CEOs or business personas use to be successful. Therefore, here is a concise list of tips that will considerably help organize our days and allow us to be more productive:




Focus Is Key

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Successful people are known to focus on the completion of the most important tasks. According to Jason Goldberg, the CEO of Fab.com, we should “Pick one thing and do that one thing—and only that one thing—better than anyone else ever could.”

In case there are distractions impeding you, then you should come up with something to bock them out. For instance, if you are easily distracted by social media websites, you can use programs that temporarily block them. Moreover, there are programs that run in the background while blocking nearly everything except the task you are working on.

Also, you can choose to focus on your most imperative tasks during the part of the day when you have the most energy and the lowest distractions.

In short, keep your focus up and prioritize your tasks.



Manage Your Meetings Better


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Meetings can be so time consuming. If you don’t set time limits for meetings, they can overlap with other appointments or scheduled tasks.  Carlos Ghosn the CEO of Renault and Nissan, for example, sets a maximum of one hour and 30 minutes for meetings. Another notable instance, is Gary E. McCullough, the CEO of Career Education Corp, gives individuals half of the time they demand for meetings. This sends them a message to be clear and quick to the point.

As a result, both CEOs can cram more things to do within their time schedule and become more efficient and effective. Also, this gives them more time to spend on important tasks and to address issues that need dire attention.



Get Up Earlier

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Yep you read it. That’s a tough one to swallow since no one likes to wake up early (or maybe it is just me). Research shows that most successful CEOs start their day before 6:00 AM. They use mornings to seize the day and while many are still sleeping, they get ahead of tasks during the less busy time of the day. Lebanese CEOs, take advantage of this tactic to escape from the stress of traffic. This allows them to be effective in completing tasks and to focus on later errands during the day. However, I am sure you may discard this tip. Nevertheless you can try to wake up, ten minutes before your scheduled snooze alarm and increase that gradually.



Spend Your Energy Wisely


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It is no secret, that highly successful individuals selectively expend their energy. There are a wide variety of methods this can be done.

For instance, you can instruct your assistant to group all questions or concerns during the day in one list. Consequently, the assistant can ask you these questions during one time frame rather than annoying you every few minutes.

Another method is to outsource energy-consuming personal chores. This means one must not waste time on tasks that other people can do. For example, you can use grocery-delivering services rather than wasting time to go shopping. Remember however, to do a cost/benefit study to decide whether to outsource or not.



Make Use Of Advanced Technology


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New technology saves you time and energy. CEOs use email softwares that set up rules to categorize incoming emails and helps them maintain their sanity. The same programs can be used to launch marketing campaigns to thousands of customers.

There are also well-known tools that you can use. They can include the famous ‘Dropbox’ to store files over the internet, ‘Trello’ for keeping track of assignments and deadlines, ‘Any Meeting’ to host a webinar; Basecamp to manage your project; and ‘Buffer’ to organize your social media postings.

For owners, that want to skyrocket their businesses, they use fine-line CRM technology, such as ‘Agile CRM’.


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Fouad Kazan
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