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Benefits of SMS Marketing

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Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is a form of mass communication in which text messages are sent to mobile phones. It is a technique exercised by many companies in Lebanon. The purpose of course is to spread information relating to special offers, hot deals, company information, etc… The reason why companies rely on such a marketing technique is because of the number of benefits it brings. Therefore, let us review the top reasons why such an approach is used:

High Open Rate

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Since text messages are sent directly to one’s phone, they tend to have a high open rate. Also, people find it more convenient since receiving SMS requires no internet. As a result, it has an average open rate of 95%. With nearly 4 million cell phone subscriptions in Lebanon that can only mean roughly all individuals have cell phones nowadays. Just try to imagine how much potential it has!

Instant Deliverability

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The average time it takes for an SMS text message to reach its destination is 10 seconds! Although other forms of marketing are fast, they cannot compete with the swiftness of SMS.

High Conversion Rate

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The real beauty with SMS, is that they can make people convert. In other words, it gets people to do something or to take action. The reason is that the marketing message is clear and simple. Text messages are concise since they are limited to a certain number of characters. Moreover, they don’t include lots of links and the call-to-action is straight to the point. Should someone have access to Alfa or MTC internet, the links can be visited to gain more information about the product


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SMS is simply reliable. Unlike emails, that in many cases are seen as spam or branded as junk email, you can be 99% sure that your message will not be automatically deleted.

Cheap and Effective

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It all depends on how many text messages you want to send. Nevertheless, it is relatively cheap and has an excellent return on investment. That’s why companies send lots of messages to several prospects knowing that that revenues will be high enough to cover the costs significantly. In Lebanon, one can send over 10,000 SMS messages using just 200 USD.

Very Flexible


Whether you want to send generic messages to all your contacts in your database, or you want to target a specific number of individuals using the right message, SMS can do that. There are several online platforms that will permit you to segment individuals into categories. This will allow you to personalize messages to attain better results.

Since we are talking about platforms, SMS can make use of the geo-targeting feature. For instance Agile CRM can send automatically messages to mobile users, whenever they close in on a certain location.

SMS geo-location targeting lebanon

In short, you can basically set any rules that you want for your texts. This aspect provides you with a plentitude of choices to enhance your marketing campaign.



Just like other marketing techniques, SMS Marketing is great if you want to go green. You will surely reduce paper wastage instead of sending traditional mails or sticking paper advertisements on walls. You will definitely doing Lebanon a big favor. We do not need any more pollution.


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To sum up, SMS marketing is viable tool to expand your business. If used properly you can enhance your outreach in no time and bring in more revenue. However, we will be going into more detail using future articles.

So if you have any comment, concern, or question, please leave a message in the comment section below and I will surely get back to you.





Fouad Kazan
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