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How To Improve Your Sales Performance

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How To Improve Your Sales Performance

Your sales performance is one issue that will determine the success of a business. So whether you operate on your own or working as part of a sales team, you should be well capable of successfully selling whatever you have to offer. Therefore, to perform well in this field you should take some basic steps that ensure your success. So take a look at what our marketing company in Lebanon, Online Reach, proposes:

Know Your Strengths


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You should consider what your business is really good at. Also, you should take into account who demands your product.  As a result, figuring how to deliver your strengths to the desired consumer should be now easier.

Set Your Goals

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Knowing your strengths can pave the way for setting goals for yourself or for your company. To measure your performance, you can divide goals between activity goals and results goals. Activity goals can the routinely tasks that you wish to accomplish. This can include the number of calls per day as an example. As for result goals, they are the desired outcomes you wish to reach. Sales per month or the profit per sale can are some instances in that regard.

Address Your Customer’s Needs

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In Lebanon, many sales representatives do not take the profession seriously. They only want to sell their products haphazardly to consumers without taking much into consideration what they really need. Though persuasion may work in the first place, however, the prospect the customer to buy again will diminish. As a consequence to the sales person’s reckless actions, he or she will lose clients. To curb such an issue, a sales rep should take into consideration what actually need or may need. Doing this, a sales person can identify which customers to target. The end result, will be making more money while actively retaining them.

Ask The Right Questions

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You should pose a set of questions that allow you to fish out the right information. This key in creating favorable attention to you and the business you represent. It also makes the customer reassured that he or she is in the right hands.

Show Motivation

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Your client needs to see that you are really serious about selling what you have to offer. This reassures clients of your professionalism and the ingenuity of your product or service. This also determines that you will act decisively to complete the task and that you will actually follow up with the client.

Do Follow Up!

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In addition to showing some motivation and professionalism, you should follow up. Schedule a phone call with your clients and make sure that the service or product you provided was up to their expectations. People like to be tended to and looked after. Therefore, this subtle form of pampering will in turn push clients to recommend you to friends and family. This word of mouth phenomenon works specially well in Lebanon. Our marketing company has greatly benefited from this.

Suit Up!


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If you are going to make a face-to-face meeting with your client, you should look presentable. Depending on the type of product or wish to sell, dress in a suitable way that represents them. You do not have to actually wear a suit, however. Just do a quick research to match the right outfit with the right product.

Work On Your Self

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That’s right. You must learn and adapt from every sales process. Our marketing company always instructs our sales men to list all the instances they failed in selling a service. In this way they can identify their mishaps and evolve their methods to score a client.


If you are venturing into sales, do take the above into consideration.

Should you have any concerns or questions about this article, please leave a comment and I will get back to you.




Fouad Kazan
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