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Help Export Your Products
Help export your products
If you are a manufacturer or business owner, then OnlineReach has a vast wealth of experience to help you export your products and access new markets.

International Online Marketing to support Your Export Strategy

An international online marketing strategy should be tailored to your export marketing goals. For example, if you are targeting France, then one website in French will be sufficient as a basis for your online marketing efforts. If you are targeting multiple territories, then an appropriate language version of each website may be needed. In addition to translating the website, you will need to optimize it for the targeted territory. Visibility in a local search engine does not happen by default and specific steps need to be taken to address this issue.

Design and Build an Effective Ecommerce Website

We will build for you a beautiful and secure ecommerce website that looks trustable, easy to navigate and has strong call to actions. Our robust ecommerce platform is search-engine optimized and can integrate with our applications used for CRM , marketing, and shipping.
OnlineReach can also help you digitalize your products and information, to develop technical and sales content, to populate your website, and to support your international online marketing strategy. This is done through reviewing existing materials and interviewing relevant members of your team to ensure we use appropriate terminology and messaging.

Sell on Marketplaces such as Ebay, Amazon, etc…

When your shop is inside a physical mall, the mall itself brings you traffic to your shop. The same concept applies when you sell on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. To put it in actual numbers, Amazon and Ebay have 244 million and 155 million active buyers respectively.
OnlineReach has a vast experience in building storefronts/profiles on Amazon, Ebay and other marketplaces. It also has the understanding to set up merchandize, and to market products inside these marketplaces.

Logistics for Export 

Online Reach will eliminate all barriers to export your products. Our services include incorporating your business in the US , opening  a U.S bank and PayPal account, warehousing your products in the US,  helping you open a local DHL eCommerce export account with preferential rates. We also have customer support call center in Chicago so that your potential buyers can call for inquiries or place orders over the phone.

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