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Help Me Sell My Products And Services In My Local Market
Help Me Sell My Products and Services in My Local Market

Merge your Physical world with your Digital World:

Leverage your location and transform your brick and mortar store into a valuable digital asset so your physical store is synchronized with your online store. If you provide a service and not tangible products, OnlineReach can help you optimize your website in an effective way, to get more leads for your business.

Connect with your Visitors:

Are you capturing information such as emails from visitors to your store? If not that you are losing a big opportunity to communicate with your customers.

OnlineReach will setup an automatic system that captures leads in your physical store, website, facebook page,etc… and automatically segment your customers for better targeting.

Location Targeting:

Send Targeted Messages through Sms and inmobile alerts when customers are nearby your location. Send smart messages to customers who visit a competitor’s location, or re-engage customers you haven’t seen in a while, with targeted high value campaigns.

Personalized Email Campaigns:

Your customers and visitors all behave differently. Why treat them all the same by sending the same generic emails?

Automatically generate 1 to 1, targeted, personal conversations with your customers to increase engagement and revenue. Each of your customers and prospects will get a personalized email that is very relevant to what they are interested in from your offerings.

Friction-less Loyalty Program:

Create your own loyalty program in minutes and give points to your customers without scanning barcodes or carrying loyalty cards. Reward customers based on their spending and create time and location targeted deals.

Offline to Online Retargeting:

The shopping journey doesn’t always end with a store visit, so why should your marketing efforts? Our Offline to Online Retargeting solution allows retail marketers to take advantage of in-store location signals to personalize post-store visit marketing efforts. Whether you want to stimulate return visits to the store or increase loyalty through online engagement, OnlineReach makes it easy to tailor your online messages based on in-store behaviors.

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