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Who We Are

What we're about

Our mission is to empower ambitious businesses, through the use of technology, to make it simple to create and plan remarkable marketing, manage customer relationships, and reach new audiences

Our Story

OnlineReach is founded by Shadi Tawil, who started as a small business owner back in 2003. He used to sell mosaics online from his own room. Nowadays, he has a very successful ecommerce business (Mozaico.com ) with over 9000 customers from more than 80 countries.
However, the road to achieve success was full of obstacles. After years of dealing with developers, designers, and marketing agencies that do not have an efficient or effective way of conduct, Shadi came to the conclusion that there should be a better and less frustrating way. He therefore started learning and discovering new technologies that can assist business owners do a plentitude of tasks in a smarter way. Now, he brings you OnlineReach: to teach you how businesses can achieve the same success.

Meet the team

Every day we come to work to find solutions for business owners. Our insight, wealth of knowledge, and experience makes digital marketing, that we offer, easy and effective.


Chady is the founder of OnlineReach and a visionary of tech and marketing. When he is not working, he is either reading about new technological trends or simply jogging.

Data Analyst

Jowanna is addicted to numbers and In an odd way, thinks they are sexy. She analyzes the efficiency of campaigns we run and gives us quantitative data to prove her point. When she is not working, she is most probably playing tennis and counting the number of matches she wins.

Customer Success Manager

Fouad is our customer success manager guru, who helps companies maximize their marketing success with Autopilot. Fouad is an avid science fiction writer who self-published his book using createspace. You can find his interesting novel on amazon.

Digital Art Director

She is a digital art director, who crafts the concept, design, and execution of our marketing campaigns. Her meticulous nature and eye for detail help her turn her projects into Success Stories in no time. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring new planets, making amateur astronomy observations and painting!

Software Engineer

A system geek who hopes to fix more bugs than causing them. He is also a football enthusiast and has a strange craving for horror movies.


Nayrie makes sure we get paid from our clients or else her colleagues won’t get their salaries on time. When she is not working, she enjoys cooking spicy food. She seems to think they are the secret for a long life.

Public Relation Manager

Nada makes sure that our clients love us. She also has good negotiation skills that allow us to strike excellent deals. In her free time you can find her taking photos of nature and sharing them on Instagram.

Category Manager

Faisal loves excel sheets and making sure products are well structured. While not being an OCD person, he enjoys yoga, even if it means after midnight.